Car keys on desk

Car rental companies are often not the first group that comes to mind when thinking of environmental regulations at BWI Marshall Airport. Behind the scenes, though, car rental companies conduct a number of activities that trigger various environmental regulations.

For instance, activities such as vehicle fueling can trigger stormwater regulations. Stormwater regulations also may be triggered in association with activities such as:

  • Vehicle cleaning
  • Storage of hazardous materials
  • Vehicle maintenance

Additionally, storage of fuel in aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) or underground storage tanks (USTs) will trigger additional regulations as well as MAA requirements.

Storage and disposal of hazardous materials may also trigger additional regulations.

Pollution prevention, or source reduction reduces or eliminates the creation of pollutants. This is a cost-effective approach that eliminates or minimizes pollutants at the source so pollutants never enter the environment.

Assuring that these activities are in compliance with the various environmental regulations is important to avoid fines and penalties.