Drone operators must receive an airspace authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to operate within 5 miles of Martin State Airport and within 7 miles of BWI Marshall Airport. Please note, this airspace authorization cannot be granted directly from the airport or the control tower.

Drone operators must utilize the Low Altitude Authorization Notification Capability (LAANC) or Drone Zone to obtain airspace authorizations. In most cases, Part 107 and recreational operators will be granted an airspace authorization almost immediately. Airspace authorizations can be manually processed; however, this takes a significant amount of time.


One Community Based Organization (CBO) within five miles of Martin State Airport has received an airspace authorization: Chesapeake Bay Miniature Aircraft Association. Recreational users not operating under Part 107 should seek permission from the CBO before flight.

Part 107 operators (both recreational and commercial) do not need permission from a CBO in order to operate. These operators will receive an airspace authorization from the FAA.

The FAA has developed an Unmanned Aircraft System Facility Map (UASFM) for both BWI Marshall and Martin State Airports that provides Part 107 and recreational operators a generous area in which to operate. Click here to view the interactive map on the FAA website, then select Visualize it Web App.  All drone operations must receive an airspace authorization.

Drone flights above the published LAANC altitudes may be authorized after review from the FAA.  Please allow for 72 hours to process drone flight requests above LAANC altitudes.

The air traffic control tower does not provide separation services between drones and manned aircraft.  Operators are responsible for always maintaining visual line of sight with their drone as well as ensuring their flights do not interfere with crewed aircraft.

Always review Notices to Air Missions (NOTAMs) and look for Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR). Click here to view TFR information on the FAA website. Drone flights are prohibited when a TFR is active.

For more information, please visit the Drone Zone page of the FAA website.