Information about the Basil Smith site and regional history is available from a variety of sources, including published reports, museums, and other websites.

Publications about the Basil Smith Site

MAA and its consultant, Straughan Environmental Services, Inc., created this website based on Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III excavation reports provided by Joseph Hopkins Associates, Inc., project archaeologists.

Joseph Hopkins Associates, Inc. July 7, 2000. Phase I and Phase II Investigations for the Maryland

Aviation Administration in the Vicinity of Hanover, Anne Arundel County Maryland. Baltimore, Maryland.

Joseph Hopkins Associates, Inc. July 7, 2000. Phase III Investigations of the B. Smith Site

(18An1151), Hanover Vicinity, Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Baltimore, Maryland.

Here is the reference material used to prepare this report.

Copies of the investigation reports are filed at the Maryland Historical Trust’s library.

Regional History
The Ann Arundel County Historical Society, Inc.

The Ann Arundel County Historical Society was founded in 1962 to promote the County’s cultural heritage and to preserve selected properties. Two of the museums it administers contain historical materials that are pertinent to the Basil Smith site:

Maryland Historical Trust

The Maryland Historical Trust is the regulatory agency responsible for preserving Maryland’s cultural legacy and community traditions. The Trust maintains a library and inventory of known historical and archaeological resources. The public may view these materials Tuesday through Thursday, by appointment.

Maryland Historical Trust
100 Community Place
Crownsville, MD 21032
Phone: 410-514-7655.

Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum

The Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum serves as a Maryland state museum of history and archaeology. A division of the Trust, the museum houses the Maryland Archaeological Conservation Lab (MAC Lab). MAA delivered all artifacts discovered during excavation of the Basil Smith site to the MAC Lab for curation and preservation.


MAA would like to thank the following for help during website preparation:

  • Benson Hammond House staff for assistance and consultation.
  • Beth Cole, Preservation Office, Maryland Historical Trust, for assistance and consultation.
  • Carol Ebright, Archaeologist, Maryland State Highway Administration, for photographs.
  • Joseph Hopkins Associates, Inc., for excavation photographs and assistance.
  • Ted Mathison, former Executive Director of the Maryland Aviation Administration and President of the Ann Arrundell County Historical Society, for assistance.
  • Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory at Jefferson Patterson Park Museum for permission to reproduce photos and assistance.
  • Straughan Environmental Services, Inc., and Weston Solutions, Inc., for research and website preparation.