The Maryland Environmental Noise Act of 1974 provides for the protection of citizens from the impact of transportation related noise. The aviation portion of the Act requires the MAA to create an Airport Noise Zone (ANZ) to control incompatible land development around Martin State Airport and a Noise Abatement Plan (NAP) to minimize the impact of aircraft noise on people living near the Airport.

The initial ANZ for Martin State Airport was established in 1977, and was updated and certified on December 24, 2012, incorporated by reference at COMAR

MTN ANZ MapIn 2019, the MAA initiated an update to the MTN Marshall ANZ. The ANZ is determined by a composite of three noise contours: existing conditions (2019) and two forecast years (2025 and 2030). The largest of the three contours in any area around the Airport determines the Noise Zone, thereby offering protection within the largest of the existing or future noise exposure contours. The noise environment around an airport is described by contours of equal noise exposure, representing the noise that occurs during an average 24-hour day, in terms of the Day-Night Average Sound Level (DNL, Ldn).

A Public Workshop and Public Hearing for the MTN ANZ update was held virtually on Tuesday, January 26th, 2021. The Public Workshop and Public Hearing provided an opportunity for all interested persons to learn, ask questions, and comment on the ANZ. A presentation that provided an overview of the ANZ update process and the contour maps depicting the current and proposed boundaries of the MTN ANZ was given, and can be reviewed here.

If you have any additional questions or comments regarding the ANZ Update, please contact Mr. Bruce Rineer at