Submitting Concerns about Aircraft Noise

The Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Aviation Administration (MDOT MAA) provides multiple methods to submit aircraft noise complaints. The primary methods include an on-line form and a 24-hour noise complaint and information hotline (410-859-7021). MDOT MAA accepts and logs complaints from many sources including third-party apps, but does not control any third-party noise complaint apps.

How does MDOT MAA address Noise Complaints?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) controls the airspace in the United States, and FAA Air Traffic Control directs commercial air traffic to and from BWI Marshall Airport. MDOT MAA is responsible for complying with FAA regulations and ensuring runways and taxiways meet standards. While MDOT MAA cannot eliminate aircraft noise, MDOT MAA is committed to answering questions and helping residents understand aircraft operations.

All noise complaints are logged and reviewed daily. In general, noise complaints contain requests for information on a specific aircraft overflight, operating conditions, or to register general disapproval of aircraft overflights. MDOT MAA seeks to provide as much information as possible when researching and responding to noise complaints.

When researching specific complaints, MDOT MAA utilizes a Noise and Operations Monitoring System (NOMS) to collect flight track data and provide information on historical flight paths and aircraft identification. The system also collects noise measurements from permanent noise monitors, determines noise events and matches these events with the flight track data. Staff members can use the NOMS to respond to noise complaints. The system provides information on flight track location and single event and cumulative noise exposure information from aircraft operations in the vicinity of BWI Marshall Airport.

MDOT MAA analyzes and tracks noise complaints to help identify long-term trends, provides noise complaint data to the FAA, and reports to the public via the Quarterly Noise Reports.

Noise Complaint Guidelines and Standards
  • MDOT MAA will review all complaints and determine the appropriate response.
  • Noise complaints will only be logged when they contain accurate and complete information, including the first and last name, physical address, date and time of the noise occurrence and means of contact (telephone number or email address).
  • Noise complaints should be reported within one week of the occurrence.
  • There is no limit to the number of complaints that an individual can submit, or request to receive a response to each day. However, MDOT MAA may only acknowledge receipt once per day, per complainant.
Threatening/Abusive Callers or Emails

Threatening and abusive language from complainants will not be tolerated. Phone calls, voicemail messages, or written communication containing threats against people, structures or aircraft or containing abusive language (i.e. vulgar or offensive language that goes beyond expressing anger about a problem and begins attacking the person handling or receiving the complaint) may be forwarded to law enforcement officials for review.

Ways to Submit a Noise Complaint

Should you have any technical issues or questions with this form, please email

Noise Hotline

You may leave a message on the Noise Hotline by calling 410-859-7021. When leaving a voicemail, please provide as much information as possible, including your name (include spelling), address, telephone number, and a detailed description of the noise event.

U.S. Postal Mail & Email

Print the MDOT MAA Aircraft Noise Complaint Form. Please mail completed form to:

Noise Complaint Form
Office of Environmental Services
P.O. Box 8766
BWI Airport, MD 21240-0766


Email your completed noise form as attachment via email to

Submitting Noise Complaints to the FAA

For additional information or concerns relating to aviation noise, please visit the FAA’s Eastern Region Aircraft Noise and Community Involvement Information webpage.

Non-Noise Related Complaints

The information provided on this page relates to noise complaints from aviation activity. Additional Airport contact information includes the following:

BWI Marshall Airport Information please call 800-I-FLY-BWI or visit

Martin State Airport Information please call 800-435-9294 or visit

TSA Inquiries please call 866-289-9673.
TTY/TDD 410-859-7227.

Email MAA Customer Service at