The MAA administers a number of programs to assist residents who are exposed to high aircraft noise levels from BWI Marshall.  Eligibility for participation in the programs is determined from the ANZ, which is updated in accordance with the Annotated Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR). The ANZ was updated in 2007.

Voluntary Noise Acquisition Program (no longer active)

The MAA began in 1985 to acquire residential properties which were determined to be severely impacted by aircraft noise.  Property owners who volunteer to participate are paid fair market value for their property, at its highest and best use, and are provided re-location assistance.  Properties located in areas greater than DNL 65 (as determined by the ANZ contours) are eligible for this program, provided the property has been zoned by local government to transition from a residential to a compatible land use.

Progress as of September 30, 2008

Eligible properties: 343
Properties acquired to date: 250
Properties in-process or on waiting list: 0
Homeowners who have declined participation: 49
Homeowners who have not applied: 44
Acquisition expenditures to date: $40.9 Million

Homeowners Assistance Program

In 1988 the MAA began to offer financial assistance to those who are located in areas inside the ANZ, but who are not eligible for the Voluntary Noise Acquisition Program. Participants in this program are required by state statute to grant an avigation easement.  The easement permits aircraft operations over the property, provides notification to future owners of high cumulative aircraft noise levels, and is binding on all future owners.

Sound-Proofing assists the homeowner in making modifications to their home with the goal of reducing interior noise levels to a DNL of 45 dB(A). The Resale Assurance Program, which is no longer active, provided financial assistance to homeowners wishing to move from the ANZ by appraising them to determine their value as if they were located outside of the ANZ.

Progress as of September 30, 2008

Eligible properties: 902
Properties completed: 752
Sound-Proofed: 639
Resale Assurance Program: 113
Properties in process or on waiting list: 36
Sound-Proofing: 36
Homeowners who have not applied: 114
Homeowners Assistance expenditures to date: $21.6 Million