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Aircraft Deicing
Aircraft being deiced at dawn

MAA's Division of Environmental Compliance reviews and interprets state and federal regulations and develops and implements programs to meet these requirements. The Division also assures programs and policies set forth by MAA are sensitive to the natural resources of the Chesapeake Bay area.

MAA's Division of Environmental Compliance also oversees MAA, airline, and tenant (airlines, car rental companies, etc.) activities, some of which potentially affect stormwater, surface water or groundwater quality. The Division has developed and implemented a variety of programs and procedures to minimize impacts to the environment including:

  • Tenants reponsibilities for activities that may impact the environment to protect the environment while conducting daily activities
  • Standard Operating Procedures to ensure that MAA manages hazardous materials and wastes according to environmental regulations
  • A plan that identifies precautions to prevent and emergency procedures for clean up of unexpected discharges of oil or other hazardous materials
  • Programs to inspect stormwater facilities (ponds, swales) and monitor water quality to assure environmental protection measures are implemented properly
Aircraft and ground vehicle maintenance
Fueling a large commercial aircraft.
Storm Water Diagram
Impervious ground cover such as the extensive tarmac at BWI blocks infiltration of precipitation into the ground and increases stormwater runoff. MAA has implemented numerous stormwater best management practices to limit impacts.
Hazardous waste
A covered shed provides a safe location for disposing hazardous materials by preventing exposure to stormwater runoff and providing containment to contain possible spills.

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