Directions: This is a voluntary program for those employees who wish to participate. This is a tool that is to be used for information purposes only. Supervisors with five or more employees that receive a performance appraisal must distribute this form to those employees.

    For Calendar Year:

    Name of Team Leader/Manager/Supervisor:


    My Team Leader/Manager/Supervisor:

    1. Uses available resources to produce maximum results.

    2. Is skilled in directing and organizing.

    3. Establishes and maintains effective communication.

    4. Motivates employees.

    5. Empowers employees toward self direction and decision-making.

    6. Coaches and guides employees to develop their skills.

    7. Possesses insight in anticipating needs and uses creative ideas to meet goals and objectives.

    8. Analyzes and responds to problems in a timely manner.

    9. Handles controversial and complex problems effectively.

    10. Is honest and expects it of others.

    11. Treats employees with respect.

    12. Treats employees fairly.

    13. Encourages employees to recommend improvements and/or innovations.

    14. Promotes and practices safe work habits.

    15. Encourages training to improve and strengthen skills.

    My Team Leader/Manager/Supervisor is most effective when:

    My Team Leader/Manager/Supervisor can improve his/her leadership skills by: