Nominations for the 2023 Awards are now closed.

BWI Marshall Airport is kicking-off its 2nd Annual Customer Service Award event on May 24, 2023 from 5p-7p in the Yumi Hogan International Art Gallery. 

The nomination process allows any badged airport employee to nominate another badged airport employee for delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences to our traveling customers.  You can nominate an individual or company operating at BWI Marshall Airport in any of the eight (8) categories to the right, under ‘Attributes’.  

Nominations will be accepted from Monday, March 13 thru Thursday, March 30, 2023.

For questions, please email Kelvin Jenkins.

The Nomination Period is Now Closed.

    To nominate an employee, complete the following steps:

    1. SECTION I – Nomination description information provided for reference.

    2. SECTION II - Complete the required Nomination and Justification Form.

    3. Submit.

    Who should you nominate?

    Any badged airport employee in good standing within their organization and continues to deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences.

    An employee that goes “above and beyond” expectations and makes an outstanding contribution to the BWI Marshall Airport passengers/customers should be recognized and celebrated.

    SECTION I: Nomination Information

    Nominator's (Your) Name*:

    Nominator's Division & Office*:

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    SECTION II: Nomination Categories & Descriptions

    There are 8 categories to select from. Please choose from the dropdown below to select a category and it's corresponding attributes.

    Please select from one of the options above.

    Food and Beverage Concessions include all food and beverage (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) restaurants located at the BWI Marshall Airport.
    Please check the attributes that apply:

    Airlines include all national and international airlines operating at the BWI Marshall Airport.
    Please check the attributes that apply:

    Ground transportation includes all shuttle buses that provide transportation services around the airport campus and car rental facilities.
    Please check the attributes that apply:

    Security service includes TSA, MdTA Police, badging office, and homeland security.
    Please check the attributes that apply:

    The Pathfinders are retired processionals who volunteer their time to aid BWI Marshall Airport passengers. Their service also includes working with the robots and managing the information desk throughout the airport.
    Please check the attributes that apply:

    Support services includes businesses that provide custodial/cleaning services, wheelchair services, and our ambassadors. (USO, Lost & Found Offices, TSA Coordination Center, Dispatch Offices, Custodial Services, Building & Electrical Maintenance, Wheelchair Agents)
    Please check the attributes that apply:

    Retail includes concessions that sell goods and products to customers within the BWI Marshall Airport. (Goods / Products / Merchandise, Medical Services, Health & Wellness Services)
    Please check the attributes that apply:

    The recipients in this category will be chosen based on the number of overall votes, number of attributes selected, and the additional information submitted by the nominator.

    SECTION III: Nomination Type

    Individual Nomination Information

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    Business Nomination Information

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    1. Please provide a brief description of why you are nominating this individual or business for this particular award. Explain why and how this accomplishment goes “above and beyond” expectations and makes it an outstanding achievement. Please provide specific examples. (100-200 words)*:

    2. Are there any other characteristics, traits or other activities that have not already been addressed?

    Please describe.

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